{plan.name} merge variable does not show up for a few Mollie transactions

Modified on: Thu, 8 Jun, 2023 at 4:06 PM


Why plan name mergevar not displayed in Mollie transaction?

I have updated the plan name to mergvar but it's not visible.


Plan name is a supported mergevar in transaction descriptors. However, some transactions do not have the values passed in the merge variable.


Mollie is a gateway where 3DS is enabled by default. The payment transactions go through Payment Intent Flow for the CIT (customer-initiated transactions) if 3DS is enabled for Mollie. 

When this happens, Chargebee makes the payment request to the gateway when the payment intent is created, and at that time, Chargebee does not have the subscription or plan information for which the authorized payment intent is going to be consumed. And so, we cannot populate the {{plan.name}} merge variable in this flow. 

All these transactions without plan names are CIT (customer-initiated transactions). For an MIT (merchant-initiated transaction), by giving “Bill Future Renewals” for the subscription, you will be able to observe the merge variable being replaced by the plan name properly.

The merge var {{plan.name}} will work fine for all the MIT transactions for Mollie.

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