Transaction Error: Cannot Authorize at this time (Life cycle) / (Policy)

Modified on: Wed, 4 Oct, 2023 at 12:54 PM


The transaction has failed with the error message: Cannot Authorize at this time (Life cycle)

Cannot Authorize at this time (Policy)


Some of the transactions might fail with the error message “Cannot Authorize at this time (Life cycle)” or “Cannot Authorize at this time (Policy)”. This error is specific to PayPal via Braintree gateway. 

Check whether you are using Braintree as the gateway and PayPal payment method, as the error comes from the gateway end. For more information regarding these declines, the customer will have to reach out to their bank to find out what policy on the card is causing this decline. You can also check with Braintree Support for more information.

Reference link related to the error

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