Difference of $0.01 on the payments made towards invoices.

Modified on: Wed, 24 May, 2023 at 3:45 PM

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Why is there a point dollar difference when a payment is made towards an invoice?

The invoice is still in payment_due status due to the difference in the payments?



Sometimes, Chargebee fails to take the full invoice amount (left a few cents) and keeps the payment pending. Due to this, merchant enterprise customers might face problems accessing their products. 



This issue occurs due to an explicit conversion. As per the product, we don't need any explicit conversions. So before calling any core APIs or payment intent APIs, it is recommended to use Estimates API.  During the process of signing up customers for subscriptions, using the Estimates API will evaluate the details of the purchase before actually signing them up.

The details returned by the API include the invoice amounts, next billing date, and unbilled charges.

For paymentIntent flow, they follow the below Steps:

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