What are the mandatory fields have to configured for Bank of America payment receipts?

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What are the mandate fields to be configured for BoA receipts?

How to use Mail Merge for Bank of America payment receipts?


Payment Receipts

A payment receipt is a document given to a customer as proof of full or partial payment. Bank of America has mandated sending these receipts digitally through an email for every successful payment and refund.

You need to enable and configure the following email notifications in Chargebee:

  1. The one-time charge is successful

  2. The initial/Recurring charge is successful

  3. Refund is successful

For complying with the requirements of Bank of America, the following fields must be configured in Chargebee’s Email Notifications section:

  1. Merchant Name and Address

  2. Merchant Customer Service Phone Number

  3. Transaction Type e.g. Sale, Refund, etc.

  4. URL or Customer Service Email Address

  5. RRN (Reconciliation ID) for Payments and Refunds

  6. Authorization Code for Payments

  7. Card Network (eg., Visa, Mastercard)

  8. Invoice Details

  9. Transaction amount - This is available in the email template by default, so you don’t need to add it manually.

These fields appear in the email as shown below:

You can add various fields to the desired email notifications using the following methods:

  1. Using Static Fields: Merchants are required to configure these fields with the appropriate value in the email notification manually.
    Following are the static fields from the above list:

    • Merchant Name and Address

    • Merchant Customer Service phone number

    • Transaction Type (e.g., Sale, Refund, etc.)

    • URL or Customer Service Email Address

  2. Using Mail-Merge Fields: Use these fields to display a dynamic value for a particular scenario by adding predefined field names to your email templates in a particular manner. Learn more

    Following are the required fields and their mail-merge equivalents:

Required Field

Mail-Merge Field


RRN (Reconciliation ID)



Authorization Code



Card Network



Follow the steps below to find the mail-merge fields:

  1. Go to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications > Payments and Credits

  2. Click Edit against any desired notification.

  3. Click View all mail merge fields.

  4. A page appears with various sets of mail merge fields. Click on the desired set to view the fields under it.

  5. Adding a New Section: Using the Add Section option, add the Invoice Details to your email template directly as a separate section. Learn more

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