How to test Global Payment in Chargebee Test Environment?

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Do we have test cards for Global payments?

How to perform sample transactions on Global payments?


Test Global Payment in Chargebee Test Environment

After configuring Global Payments on the Chargebee site, you can experiment with the configuration using the Chargebee test site and Global Payment test cards from this link.

Once the transaction is successful, from the Customer details page/Subscription details page/Invoice details page you can navigate from the Transaction details page, and you can find the details of the Global payments card transaction.

To check the same transaction on Global Payments, log into your Global Payments account. Then select the Transaction Finder.

Select the Terminal and click SAVE SELECTION

Now you can use the Last 4 digits of the card number or Transaction ID and click Search. You will find the search result window, click on the Transaction ID hyperlink.

You can view the Transaction summary and;

Payment details

Once the refund is created from Chargebee, the same will be reflected in Global Payments account. 

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