What are the effects of turning Off Dunning?

Modified on: Fri, 31 Mar, 2023 at 6:39 PM

Effect of turning Off Dunning

What happens to the existing subscription going through Dunning, if Dunning is turned Off?

Will Dunning emails notification stop immediately if the Dunning is turned Off?


  • Yes, if the Dunning is turned Off the dunning will stop occurring on the existing subscription, and emails notification stop immediately.
  • Dunning for online payments on Soft declines are the ones that result from a temporary issue, like say connectivity issue. The payment attempt will not occur. 
  • Dunning for Direct Debit Payments will attempt a maximum of 2 retries to collect payments which will not be performed
  • Dunning for online payments on Hard declines are errors that need your customers' or your intervention. The payment attempt will not occur.
  • Dunning for offline payments, where email reminders to the customer will not be sent.
  • Your MRR & ARR will show a significant decrease and will impact your business revenue growth. 

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