Error “Subscription is in contract so you cannot pause” while pausing the subscription

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How to pause a subscription in a contract?

Error “Subscription is in the contract so you cannot pause” while pausing the subscription?


The error “Subscription is in the contract so you cannot pause” appears when you are attempting to pause a subscription that already has contract terms. 

Ideally, a subscription that is created on contract for a specific number of billing cycles cannot not be paused during the contract term which may not fulfill the purpose of contract terms

To pause a subscription that is on Contract terms, you need to cancel the subscription, reactivate without contract terms, and then you will be able to pause the subscription. 

Step 1: To cancel the subscription click Cancel Subscription from the Subscription details page and choose to Terminate immediately, refer to this link for more information.

Step 2: Then reactivate the subscription without contract terms, refer to this link for more information. Now, you will have the option to pause the subscription.


Step 1: Cancel the Subscription

Chargebee gives you complete control to handle cancellations for your customers, as you see fit. When your customers want to cancel their subscription, you can opt for one of the following options:

  • Terminate Immediately - The contract and the subscription get terminated immediately.

Select the reason and choose how you want to handle credits for the unused period in the subscription.

Once you click on 'Cancel Subscription', you will get two options and choose 'Terminate immediately'.

Step 2: Reactivate the Subscription

Once the subscription is canceled, you can reactivate the subscription from the Subscription details page. To reactivate choose Reactive From, Trial end date (Optional) & Billing Cycles. Ensure you activate the subscription without applying the Contract terms to this subscription.

Now you can pause the subscription by referring to the steps from this link.

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