How to notify the subscription extension to customers on email notification?

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I have extended the subscription’s billing date. How to add a Subscription renewal date in the email for this?

Why my customer does not receive an email notification after a subscription change?

What email is triggered on the subscription change event?


The ‘Subscription Change’ is the set of emails triggered (if enabled) when there are any changes done to the subscriptions. When you extend the next billing date of a subscription, you would need to make the below changes in the subscription change email notification. Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email notifications> Subscription Changes, Click Enable and click on Edit then click '{ }' select the 'Next Billing At' from the Mergvar field click Publish


Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email notifications> Subscription Changes on your Chargebee site.

This section of email has 3 types of email notifications by default.

For your use case, you would need to enable the '
Subscription is changed' email notification (if not enabled already) and add a merge field to the email.

Click on the “Edit” button on the notification

Customising Email Content: You can either edit the default content or add your own.
Mail Merge fields help you add further information you want to display in the subject and the mail body. You can set up a fallback for cases where in case value is not present. Click on any text box on the email notification and place your cursor on the line where you would like to show the customers the next billing date and then click on the { } on the right.

Once you click on the { }, you would be able to see a list of additional fields. Search for the “Next Billing At” field and click on it to add it to the email.

To add more context to the customers reading the email, you can add a text like “your next billing is at” followed by the “Next Billing At” merge field.

Once this is done, click on the “Publish” option on the top right. 

Note: In case you have both the subscription change and payment succeeded or any other payment-related email enabled, the email prioritization concept kicks and only the Payment related email would be triggered and not the “Subscription change” email.

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