Can I change the currency of the Daily Reports sent via email?

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Daily Reports sent via email


The Daily Digest emails sent via email notification include the signup and transaction summary every day and the currency used on this report is the Base currency of your site. If you prefer to change the currency on this report, we need to change the base currency from Settings > Configure Chargebee > Currencies 


The email notification for Daily digest can be accessed from Settings > Configure Chargebee > Chargebee Notifications > Daily Digest emails. This can only be managed on your live site and cannot be tested on your test site.

Now the reports will be using the Base currency of the Chargebee Site to send these reports. Hence if you are looking to change this currency on the reports, you’ll have to change the base currency.

Navigate from Settings > Configure Chargebee > Currencies

Once you click on Change, you will then get a notification with a warning message of what actions will be performed upon changing the base currency.

Changing the base currency will lead to 

  • Clearing your Smart Routing rules
  • Clearing all your site data such as plans, subscriptions, settings, etc
  • Clearing all additional currencies and exchange rate settings

Once you will agree to the conditions and click 'Proceed' you will see the progress status of clearing the data.

Once all the mentioned data is cleared, you will get an option to choose your site base currency. 

Note: Changing the base currency has to be done with caution. The base currency is your site's default currency and as you know changing the base currency will also be updated on all the reports, also affects the calculation of exchange rates as well. 

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