How can I change the base currency of my Chargebee site?

Modified on: Mon, 1 Jan, 2024 at 12:57 AM

For Rise Plan & above.

For certain plans, you will have access to Auto Exchange rates with that enabled (the new currency will need to be created as an additional currency), you can reach out to Chargebee support and we can switch the base currency from our back end.

Note: This option is available on all plans.

For all LIVE sites on plans below Rise ( Launch & Go)

The option to change the base currency is available under Settings (on the left panel) >> Configure Chargebee >> Currencies (under Billing section). However, you can only use this option if there are no data (products, invoices, transactions) and gateways associated with the base currency of your site. 

LIVE site:  

  • You will first need to delete all the customers and the data under the Product Catalog (Plans, Add-ons, Coupons).  This is because all of these are linked to the current base currency of your site.


Deleting customers will delete the associated invoices, subscriptions, transactions, credit notes. And it wouldn't be possible to regenerate this data in your Live site. So if you're not okay with deleting the data, the only way out is to create a new Chargebee site (with a different email address). You can transfer the existing site's data to the new one using the bulk operations. In the bulk operation files which will be imported into the new site, update the new currency wherever applicable. 

  • Go to Settings (on the left panel) >> Configure Chargebee >> Payment Gateways (under Billing section) >> Manage Rules >> click on Edit (shown in the image below) >> select Don't use any gateway account, for all the currencies under each payment method.

Here's a screenshot.

You should be able to change the base currency now. 

After you update the base currency in your site (TEST/LIVE), go back to Settings >> (on the left panel) >> Configure Chargebee Payment Gateways (under Billing section) >> Manage Rules (on the right panel) and map the new currency with the gateways.  

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