3DS Authorization flow in Chargebee

Modified on: Mon, 30 Jan, 2023 at 2:25 PM

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Why do I see voided transactions at the gateway?

The transaction is getting voided for the full amount specified while generating the payment intent.

Use cases


  1. I have plans with a trial. So, I am not collecting the payment upfront. I see that the transactions are getting VOIDED in the gateway.

  2. I am passing the complete amount as part of the 3DS verification with payment intent flow via Chargebee JS. This gets refunded back to the source.


As you have used the payment intent ID while creating a subscription with the trial plan, the authorization type of transaction will be created is basically for verification purposes as there is no charge involved (It's a trial plan) for the payment to take place.

This is expected behavior, the authorization transaction gets voided automatically if the payment method is verified successfully. So basically it's a process of verification, once it's successful the amount gets refunded and thus you see the refunded payment at the gateway.

As the payment Intent is generated by you, you can reduce the amount while generating the payment intent for the customer. 

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