Manual emails are not sent in multi entity setup

Modified on: Sun, 29 Jan, 2023 at 6:06 PM


When trying to send manual emails (quotes, update payment method, send invoice, send credit note or custom emails), email is not sent. 

Error: Operation not supported in site view when trying to send manual emails. 


When you try to send manual emails such as 

  • Update Payment Method
  • Collect payment
  • Send Invoice
  • Send Credit note
  • Send quote
  • Request 3D secure payment authentication
  • as well as custom emails from the subscriptions index page or the customers' index page, 

you may get the error 'Operation not supported in site view' when you have multi-entity enabled. 

This happens when you have multi-entity feature enabled for your sites. Manual emails cannot be triggered from the site view on the details page. You need to switch to the corresponding entity view to send the manual emails. 

  1. Click the switch icon in the left navigation menu to view a list of entities.

  2. Select the entity to access from the list that displays.

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