How to disable or remove the trial period from the multiple price points of multiple plans in bulk on PC 2.0 Chargebee site?

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How to edit multiple plan price points in bulk?


You can remove the trial period from multiple price points of multiple plans in bulk by using the Update Item Price - Bulk Operation feature on your site under Settings >> Import and Export Data.


Please follow the steps mentioned below,

1) Navigate to Settings >> Import and Export Data >> Choose a bulk operation >> click on Popular Operations drop down menu >> select Item Prices >> select Update Item Prices >> Proceed

2) Download the sample CSV file by clicking on the "Download Sample CSV file" option below. We recommend you open this file using Google Sheets. Then enter the data related to the parameters mentioned in each and every column. You need to fill out the mandatory columns and required columns as well with respect to processing the changes. 

3) After filling in the details in the sheet, download the sheet in CSV format and upload it in the same place by following Step 1.

Here are the details of the column and respective values, which should be filled out mandatorily to achieve your requirement,

a. item_price[id] - column A - need to pass the Item Price ID of the particular Item price point of multiple plans.

b. item_price[id] - column 5- the currency of the plan

c. item_price[period_unit] - Column "O" - billing cycle unit of the plan (i.e. monthly, yearly, etc)

d. item_price[period] -  Column P - number of the billing unit that the (i.e. if it is for the monthly plan then the value will be 1)

e. item_price[trial_period] - column R - the value should be "0" in order to remove the Trial period.

Please click on this link to know about the parameters (with respect to columns in the CSV sheet) and applicable values for them.

Note: Only one item's price details can be added in a single row. For multiple-item prices, you need to add multiple rows in the CSV sheet

To know more on Bulk operation please visit this help document link 

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