SEPA Chargeback not automatically reflecting in Chargebee

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A chargeback in the payment gateway not automatically reflecting in Chargebee. Why? How can I sort this out?

Enable Chargeback Management


Chargebacks are automatically reflected in Chargebee when you have the "Chargeback Management" feature is enabled on your site. Please note that this feature is available on our Performance and  Enterprise plan only.


Now in the absence of the feature, you would need to manually record chargebacks on your invoices when it is initiated at the gateway. In your use case, if you are looking to collect payments for the invoice again from Chargebee, 

1. You would need to remove the existing SEPA payment from the invoice and issue a refund on the transaction.



2. Removing the transaction from the invoice would add the amount to the excess payments of the customer and mark the invoice as "Payment Due"

You can then open the customer record and click on the excess payment amount like in this video to record a refund on the transaction -


3. Once you have done this, you can use the "Request Payment" option on the customer details page to request the customer to pay again for the invoice.

Also, please note that only 3 payment gateways are qualified to handle the Chargeback management process currently:

1. Stripe

2. Adyen

3. GoCardless

4. Mollie

Please refer to our article for more reasons why chargeback automation may not work.

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