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Why the Tax component is missing on the Quote while it gets shown on the Invoice?


The difference in price between the quote and the invoice basically arises from the fact that the quote does not contain the tax line item while the invoice has the tax. This can be enabled under Settings to show applicable taxes on Quotes.


The reason why the tax is not mentioned in the quote is that you have not enabled the option to display the tax on quotes.

Go to Chargebee → Settings → Configure Chargebee → Invoices, credit notes, and quotes → Under Quotes tab → Show Applicable taxes.

Only if this setting is enabled, taxes will be displayed on the quotes. If you have not enabled this, the taxes are not shown on the Quote.

Please go ahead and enable this setting if you'd want taxes to be displayed on future quotes.

Note: The difference in the unit prices between the quote and the invoice can also be due to proration.

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