How to restrict an individual customer from creating a subscription and delete the payment source?

Modified on: Mon, 12 Dec, 2022 at 3:08 PM


Delete payment source for individual customers so that they cannot create more subscription


If you want to restrict an individual customer to create a subscription and want to delete the payment source. You can choose to remove the customer's payment source from Chargebee UI or via API. 

1. To delete the payment sources from the customer page

Navigate to the Customers tab->Load the customer and delete the payment source

Click this link - Delete payment source Via API to know more. 

In Chargebee, we can’t restrict any individual customer from the gateway when their payment details are present.

However, you can check with the associated payment gateway if there is an option to restrict that specific account.

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Error: "Cannot be deleted as this subscription's invoice has allocation from non-subscription payments"

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