Invoicing a grand parent when account hierarchy is enabled

Modified on: Mon, 14 Nov, 2022 at 4:04 PM

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Is it possible to invoice a grandparent in Chargebee?


While one can easily set up an account hierarchical relationship involving a parent, child, and a grandparent, it isn’t possible to invoice the grandparent for the child’s invoices.

In the above example :

When you create a subscription for customer A, the invoice would be generated for parent 1 and not the grandparent. The grandparent would be invoiced only if you are going to create a subscription for parent 1.

Unless you make the grandparent the direct parent for customers a,b,c, or d, they would not be invoiced when invoices are generated for either of them.

Also, the maximum level that we support in the hierarchy is 3 which is illustrated in the above screenshot.

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