How to export payments that was successful?

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How to generate a transactions report with statuses?

How to export payments that were successful?

How to filter and download transaction reports?


You can download the transaction report using multiple filters by navigating to  Logs > Transactions. You can also download reports from Settings > Import & Export Data > Export Data > Transactions.


1. Downloading reports by status:

Navigate from Logs > Transactions > Add filter -> status ->  SuccessThen you can ‘Save filter’ for future reference. Refer to this link to know more about Advanced Filter Option.

Once done, you can click on ‘Export’ and click on ‘Export as CSV’ to download the report.

You can also download the report specific to other statutes such as the ‘In Progress, Success, Void, Failure, Timeout, Needs Attention’ option by using the relevant filter. 

2. Downloading reports from Export Data:

Export transactions with error codes or error text

Navigate to  Settings > Import & Export Data > Export Data > Transactions > Status > Success

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