How to set Net-D specific to subscriptions?

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How to set Net-D specific to subscriptions?

Can I have different Net payment terms on the customer and on the subscription page?

Do we have the option to set different payment terms for subscriptions?


Now, it is possible to override the payment terms specified at the site/customer level for individual subscriptions. 

Payment terms (Net-D) - This feature is currently available on selective plans. Please refer to the plans and pricing page. If you are on our previous plans, then this feature is available on Rise and above plans.

Once enabled, you can edit the payment terms from the Create/Edit Subscription page. You will have options to choose the list of days enabled under Net-D as well as 'Use Customer's setting'.


Subscription-Level Change

While creating multiple subscriptions for a single customer with payment terms specified, you might want to consider customizing these payment terms for specific subscriptions, based on your customer's demand. 

Follow the steps below to change payment terms for a subscription (for a customer with payment terms defined):

  1. Click Create/Edit Subscription

  2. The Billing info section displays the Payment Terms option that defaults to Use customer’s settings. Click the drop-down to select your preferred term. 

  3. Click Create/Update

The subscription is saved with a custom payment term that is different from what is defined at the site/customer level. 

1. All the invoices that are created for the subscription gets generated as Posted. However, for Consolidated Invoicing, the payment terms will default to the associated customer’s settings.
2. If you are using Account Hierarchy, the subscriptions will default to the associated invoice owner’s payment terms(parent/child) unless manually changed to specify a new payment term for the subscription

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