Why is the Pay Now button not showing up in the emails?

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Why is the Pay Now button not showing up in the emails sent to the customer?


The Pay Now button is customized to an email in the Email Notifications section and if it is configured for mails in the Invoice Receipts > Unpaid invoices, then this mail will be sent to the customers who need to complete the payment. In this case, the Pay Now button appears in the mail that is sent to the customers. 

- Auto collection should be 'OFF' or Invalid payment method should be there. 

- Invoice status should be 'Payment Due' or 'not paid'


For the “Pay Now”  button to appear in the emails and to lead to the checkout page to complete the payment- when clicked, then there are a few conditions that need to be checked:

1. The Auto-collection status and Valid Payment method: 

   If there is a Valid Payment Method and the Auto-Collection is  “On” on the subscription level, then the payment will be automatically collected and the invoice will be generated in the Paid status. In such cases, since the payment is already made the emails sent to the customers will not have the Pay Now button.

2. Invoice Status:

   By default, the "Pay Now" button would show up for invoices that have due payments to be collected( "Not Paid" or "Payment Due" status. In this case, the emails sent to the customer will contain the Pay Now button and this will lead them to the Checkout for completing the payment for that invoice.

Please refer to this article on How to add Pay Now link in emails

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