What happens when direct debit is deleted in Gocardless?

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This article covers 
What happens to direct debit in GoCardless when it is permanently deleted?


When the local payment method deletion ( https://apidocs.chargebee.com/docs/api/payment_sources?prod_cat_ver=2#local_delete_a_payment_source)  is done, the payment method is deleted from Chargebee but remains in the gateway. 

When the payment method is permanently deleted (
https://apidocs.chargebee.com/docs/api/payment_sources#delete_a_payment_source), it is deleted from the gateway as well. 

However, in case of GoCardless direct debit, the payment method doesn’t get instantly deleted from the gateway even if the permanent deletion is performed. The payment method becomes inactive

This is because GoCardless is keeping the payment method inactive to maintain the payment history against the mandate which is meaningful. If the merchant wishes to remove the mandate completely, they can delete the inactive customers in the GoCardless dashboard as suggested by the GoCardless team. 

Currently, Gocardless does not have an API to delete the mandate. Hence, Chargebee will not be able to modify the integration to suit that. 

Inactive customers can be removed from the GoCardless dashboard altogether, to permanently delete their payment/mandate history and all associated personal details. To make a customer inactive the merchant will first need to cancel their customer record.
Once this has been done, they can follow the steps below.


  • Click Customers and change the status filter from active to inactive (or locate your customer directly via the search bar) 
  • Select the customer
  • Click Remove
  • Confirm that you understand and accept that the process is irreversible by selecting the checkboxes
  • Click Yes, remove this customer"

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