Why is my plan/addon description not seen in invoices?

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I was wondering how to update the addon description in invoices when we updated the price item description of an addon.
In the invoices that were generated before the description was updated, we cannot see the new description.


Even though the description is added for the Plan/Addon, you need to configure the following setting. The tick ☑️ mark should be updated for Show Plan/Addon description in Invoices while creating the plan/addon.

 You can check this by clicking on the Edit Plan/Addon.

If not done, update the same for all the Addons under 
Product Catalog > Addons > Select the Addon and select each price point > Edit Plan/Addon. Make sure to hit the Apply Changes button on the top right of the page to publish the changes. 

If you have multiple addons, you can then perform a Bulk Operation to update this. Please go to - Settings > Import & Export Data > Choose a bulk operation > Select "Item prices" from the drop-down > Update Item prices > Proceed

In the sample CSV file that you download ( that you would upload later ), you have the field named "item_price[show_description_in_invoices]". So you can update this field in the CSV, as you will be updating at the price-point level. In the same CSV, via the same bulk operation, you can update item price external name as well.

Also, this would be updated only for the upcoming invoices and previous invoices wouldn't be changed. 

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