Can I update or make changes to a canceled Subscription?

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I need to offer my customers to choose a plan while reactivating their canceled subscriptions. How can I achieve this via API?


You can reactivate a canceled subscription with changes in it via Admin console and via API as well. 


Via Admin Console : 

Please navigate to particular canceled subscription details >> click on Edit subscription >> make the changes i.e. changing Plan or Plan price >> click on Update

PC 2.0

PC 1.0

The subscription will be reactivated immediately with the changes. Please note we can not schedule changes for future dates as we can not reactivate a canceled subscription on future dates. 

Via Chargebee API: 

You can use the “update_subscription_for_items” API call for PC 2.0 sites and the “update_a_subscription” API call for PC 1.0 sites to update a subscription while the subscription is in a cancelled state. These API calls will reactivate the cancelled subscription with changes immediately.

Please note we cannot schedule changes for a canceled subscription via API. If you pass the parameter “start_date”  in future dates still the API call will not run as we can not reactivate a canceled subscription on future dates in Chargebee at the moment. You can reactivate a subscription on Past dates as of now if the Backdated subscription feature is enabled on your site.

Now, if you are offering your customers a platform where they can choose among the plans while reactivating the cancelled subscription via API, you can use the API call mentioned above. 

If the customers choose the same plan or in the API call, if you pass the same plan ID that the cancelled subscription has, the subscription will not be reactivated. In that case, you need to pass the “reactivate” parameter as “true” in that API call mandatorily. 

Note: You can not schedule the reactivation of a cancelled subscription on future dates. At the moment you can only the reactivate in Past days if you have the “Backdated Subscription” feature enabled on your site

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