How do I delete the refund recorded offline?

Modified on: Wed, 24 Aug, 2022 at 1:58 PM


How do I delete the refund recorded offline?


You can delete offline refunds from the Transaction Index Page and this is only applicable for offline payment methods. Chargebee cannot track offline payment methods (cash, check, bank transfer) hence, any offline transactions have to be manually recorded in Chargebee.


Navigate to Logs > Transactions Index Page. 

Then, you can click on the ‘Delete’ button to remove the offline refund. 

This refund will be added to the ‘Refundable credit Note’ that will be displayed on the Customer details page header (refer to the screenshot below) which can be used to refund or apply payments on future transactions. Refer to this link for more information on how to manage the refundable credit notes.

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