How to export customers data of all active subscribers?

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Report of a list of all our current subscribers with their names and email address.

How to download reports of specific subscriptions?


We can download the subscription data from Subscription Index Page and from Export Data Page. You can also export it via API.

If you see the subscription, customer, or invoice index pages, as per the current configuration it displays it as 1000+ if the underlying data is more. To view the complete list you can click on the Export CSV option available in the index pages, and on the resulting CSV file, you can figure out the exact number of subscriptions present on your site.


Export Subscription data via UI:

 I. Subscription Index Page

Go to Subscription Index Page and you can download the report using Advanced Filter Options from 'Filter List'. Click on All Subscriptions > Active And Non Renewing.

You can also use multiple filters if required and then you can click on Export and download it using Export as CSV.

Note: On the recent UI enhancement you can now scroll the index pages - Customers, Subscriptions, Invoices, and Credit Notes vertically. Earlier, the pages will be paginated which may prolong your search however with the new enhancement as you scroll down the list it will load all other data in a single page. Refer to this link for more information. 

II. Import & Export Data:

Navigate to Settings > Import & Export Data > Export Data > Subscription > Select criteria to export.

You can download the report for current subscriptions that include the Active, Non-Renewing statuses. You can choose the subscription statuses from 'Status > Includes > Active, Non-Renewing'. You can also include other statuses such as Trial and Future as per your business requirements. 

You can 'Preview' the data and 'Export' as a CSV file. 


Once the export is initiated, it will be downloaded automatically on your device also this exported report will be available in Chargebee for the next 14 days under Settings > Import & Export Data > Export history.

The downloaded zip file will have multiple files as per the entities shown below. 

The Subscription.csv file will have the list of subscriptions with the Customer ID, Customer Name, and Customer email address. 

Export Subscription through API:

You can use the Export Subscriptions API and find the relevant parameters to export subscriptions by the status mentioned below.

Relevant Parameters:
subscription[status][operator]: Current state of the subscription
Supported operators : is, is_not, in, not_in
Possible values arefuture, in_trial, active, non_renewing, paused, cancelled

Example  subscription[status][is] = "active"

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