Pay Now or hosted page link shows no outstanding invoices even though there are outstanding invoices.

Modified on: Mon, 6 Mar, 2023 at 6:26 PM

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Collect Now hosted pages and pay now link doesn't show outstanding invoices

You have no unpaid invoices alert even when there is an outstanding invoice.

Error: You have no unpaid invoices

The action page shows no unpaid invoices for a customer even though there are unpaid invoices.

Why does the pay now page show no unpaid invoices for my customer?


This issue occurs only when the preferred currency and the Invoice currency are different. If the invoice currency is USD and the customer’s preferred currency is GBP or any other currency.


You will get this error if the preferred currency and the Invoice currency might be different. If you have a customer who has invoices with 3 different currencies, USD, GBP, and EUR Currency. And if the preferred currency is USD, if they open the pay now link for an invoice in GBP, they will get this error message.

To sort this out navigate to the Customer Record in Chargebee to change the preferred currency to GBP, or you can update the account without the preferred currency. Now if they view the same pay now link that should have the details of the invoice.

Note: If you do not choose the preferred currency, then the pay now link will consist of all currencies

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