How to enable Multiple Entities in Chargebee?

Modified on: Tue, 2 May, 2023 at 3:45 PM


I don't see the multi-entity feature on my site. 

How to enable the multi-entity feature on my site?

How do I configure multi entities?


Currently, this feature is in EAP. Please write to to get this enabled. 

Chargebee’s Multi-Business Entity solution enables you to manage multiple businesses as independent entities from a single Chargebee site. This solution is built to manage each of your entities as you would an independent Chargebee site. Once this feature is enabled from the backend, you can enable it from Settings > Configure Chargebee > Multiple entity support > View setting > Enable to activate the addition of new entities


Once the feature is enabled for your site from the backend, follow the steps below to enable and create Business Entities for your Chargebee site:

  1. Login to your Chargebee site.

  2. Click Settings > Configure Chargebee > Multiple entity support

  1. Click Update Address to make edits to the organization’s address. (This address is mapped to the site organization)

  2. Click View setting to manage settings for Multiple Business Entities.

  3. Click Enable to activate the addition of new entities. The pop-up window to create a new entity will be displayed. 

  1. Type the name in the Business entity name field and click Enable and Create.

  1. Click Go to Business Entities to view all entities once enabled.

  1. The page view updates with the newly added entity details.

  2. Click Create Business Entity to add additional entities. You can create up to 30 entities currently.

10.   A list of all added entities is displayed in the Business Entities pages as shown below.

Note: Alternatively, you can also Click Settings > Configure  Chargebee > Business entities to view all of the entities associated with the site

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