How can I preview subscription before creating?

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If I create a subscription, can I just review it before creating a subscription?


When you create a subscription via UI, a sneak peek of the immediate charges for the subscription gets displayed for your reference on the right side. You can click See breakdown to view the complete breakdown of immediate charges. This breakdown displays the immediate charges, discounts & coupons, tax (if configured), and unbilled charges. If you want to know the checkout process of a plan while creating a subscription, you can make use of the ‘Preview/View’ option in the plan section. 


PC 2.0: Preview subscription

When creating a subscription from the Chargebee app, you might require some glimpse of the immediate charges and a breakdown of those charges, and this feature helps you to have a quick review before creating a subscription. 

Once you configure specifications such as currency, billing, plan, product family (PC 2.0), and invoice status while creating a subscription, an overview of the immediate charges for the subscription gets displayed for your reference on the right side.

The breakdown of Manual Discounts & Coupons will be displayed on the breakdown summary page. You can click See breakdown to view the complete breakdown of immediate charges.

Preview of breakdown while creating a subscription with Invoice Immediately

Preview of breakdown while creating subscriptions with Unbilled charges.

You can also see the subscription status above the breakdown. 

Preview of subscription with subscription status

If you select a tiered/volume/stairstep priced plan or addon while creating/editing a subscription, you can see the price breakup by clicking view tier breakdown below the plan.

PC 1.0: Subscription Preview

On PC 1.0, we have this option slightly different compared to PC 2.0. Only, once you click on ‘Create Subscription’ after adding all the configurations, you will get a prompt ‘Subscription Preview’ which will display the break-down of charges. On this page, you will find two sections. 

  1. Subscription Info

  2. Immediate Charges

Subscription Info: 

Similar to PC 2.0, you can review the subscription status, plan name, billing frequency, list of addons, list of coupons, and invoice status if the subscription price is overridden from the plan’s price (you will find a note as ‘PRICE CHANGED’).

Immediate Charges:

This will display the summary of charges, tax (if configured), discounts (if applied), number of quantities for plans and addons, and charges that are immediately applicable for the subscription.

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