Difference between coupons and manual discounts

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Difference between coupons and manual discounts

What is a manual discount



Coupons are pre-defined. You can create them much earlier to be applied to subscriptions yourself, or share the coupon codes with your customers which they can use while subscribing to your products. However, in an outbound sales scenario, when your enterprise prospects negotiate and ask for exclusive price discounts, creating a coupon for each customer is not feasible. Furthermore, these negotiations often differ prospect-to-prospect based on the deal size, contract period, and several other factors.

Manual Discounts:

Manual discounts are promotions or offers that can be added to a subscription without pre-defining them. You can add manual discounts on the fly and have them applied to each line item of the subscription or the entire invoice amount at the time of negotiation. These discounts can be applied at any point for a subscription and the discounts get applied on the next invoice. 

Note: Discounts are applied before applying taxes if any.

Manual Discounts: This feature is currently available on selective plans. Please refer to the plans and pricing page. If you are on our previous plans, then this feature is available on our Enterprise plans.

The difference between Coupons and Manual Discounts:

Coupons and manual discounts are two different ways of offering incentives to your customers in Chargebee. While the outcome of these features is the same, you can customize your decision based on your business requirements. The table below highlights some of the key differences between coupons and manual discounts to help you differentiate between a Coupon and a Manual Discount


Manual Discounts

Coupons have to be created in advance to be applied to a subscription or a one-time invoice

When the setting of the manual discount is enabled, you can add them to a subscription on the fly. 

Coupons can be added to the subscription or one-time invoice either by you via Chargebee User Interface, or by your customers during checkout.

Manual discounts can be added to the subscription-only by you via Chargebee User Interface.

A single coupon can be used for multiple subscriptions.

Manual discounts are added and applied for each subscription.

Coupons can be applied only for those plans, addons, or charges that are configured to be applicable.

Manual discounts can be added to any line items of a subscription.

The setting to apply multiple coupons must be enabled to apply more than one coupon of the same type to a subscription. 

A maximum of 10 manual discounts can be added to a single subscription.

Coupons are supported in both Product Catalog 2.0 and Product Catalog 1.0 sites.

Manual discounts are supported only in Product Catalog 2.0 sites.

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