Add customer or subscription specific details in the email content.

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How to add a subscription or a customer-specific detail to emails in Chargebee?

How to change welcome email sent to customer?


The ‘Add Notification' option in each category will allow you to create emails and the ‘Edit’ option helps you to customize emails as per your requirements. You can add Subscription & Customer relevant details by using ‘Add Section’. 


Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email  Notifications > Specific Email Notification > Add Notification or ‘Edit’ 

Now, you will be directed to the Edit email window to customize the email content. Click on the border of the box and you will find a (+) sign, click on that the sign will be changed to (x) with the dropdown menu with the list of options as shown below. 

Add Section: The following sections can be added to an email:

  1. Information Overview: The content of this section is based on the email event. It ideally consists of general information such as the charge, date, card details, and so on. The information will vary based on the nature of the email.

  1. Customer Details: This section will add your customer's details. You can choose the information you want to display from the given list. 

  1. Subscription Details: In this section, you can choose to add the customer's Subscription ID, PO number, Plan, and Addons. 

  1. Address Details: You can add either the customer's billing address, shipping address, or both.

  1. Contract Details: Include this section to display the following - Contract Period, Total Contract Value, Total Billing Cycles, Current Cycle, At Term-End, and Termination fee. You can deselect the items which you don't want to display. Do note that this section is only available if Contract Terms are enabled on your Chargebee site.

  1. Invoice Details: Include this section to display the details of invoices that are paid. It is available on the Initial/Recurring charge is successful and the Subscription is changed emails.

    • For an invoice count of less than five, details of all the invoices are displayed in the section.

    • For an invoice count of more than five and with a collective size of less than 7MB, the invoices are aggregated and attached as a zip file.

    • For a collective size of more than 7MB, the download link for downloading the invoices is provided. This link remains valid only for seven days.

Refer to this link Email Notification for more information

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