How to extend the pause date for a subscription?

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How to edit the scheduled resumption of a paused subscription?

How to change the resumption date of a paused subscription?


Chargebee provides wide-level of options to manage Pause and Resume Subscriptions. Pause/Resume subscriptions settings can be set at the site level as well as at the subscription level. To change the resumption date of a subscription, you need to 'Remove Scheduled Resumption' from the action panel of the paused subscription.


Via Chargebee app (UI)

Once you pause the subscription regardless of the option you choose at the site level setting (such as Pause immediately, Pause at the end of the current term, or Pause on a specific date), you have an option to override the same at the subscription level. This provides a choice to resume your subscription at your convenience. 

NoteYou can choose to allow overriding the default settings via the Chargebee site and-or via API, when a subscription is paused/resumed. When overriding is locked, you will not be able to change the settings.

If you prefer to change the subscription resumption to a specific date and not manually, you can choose to ‘Resume on a specific date’

Once the resume subscription has been set to a specific date, you will see an additional option as ‘Remove Scheduled Resumption’ on the Subscription Action panel to denote that we have scheduled subscription resumption. 

If we wish to change this date, then click on 'Remove scheduled resumption' and then choose the new date on which you would like to resume. 


You can pause the subscription via the Pause Subscription API.

Via Self-Serve Portal

If the settings allow, your customers can pause and resume their subscriptions using the Self-serve Portal as well. 

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