How to filter the list the plans in cancelled state by source? Where can I view the source?

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Filtering canceled plans by source

List of cancelled plans by source via API

How to check the source of a subscription cancellation?


Event logs of your customers and subscriptions can be found in the Events section. You can filter canceled subscriptions by a source under the Events Index Page. You can also achieve this using API.


Chargebee UI:

Navigate from  UI under Logs > Events then 

  1. Add filter as Event Type > Subscription Cancelled

  2. Add another Filter as Source > Choose a Source or a list of sources, you want to filter and you can get the results respectively.


You can retrieve a list of events using the List Events API. Choose the Product Catalog version of your site to use the fetch the relevant API. 

Note: Only events that are less than 90 days old will be retrieved

Event parameter:

event_type[is]= "subscription_cancelled"

For multiple events:

Supported operators : is, is_not, in, not_in

event_type[in]="["subscription_cancelled", “subscription_cancellation_scheduled”]"

Source Parameter:

source[is] = "admin_console"

Possible values are : admin_console, api, scheduled_job, hosted_page, portal, system, none, js_api, migration, bulk_operation, external_service.

Supported operators : is, is_not, in, not_in

To view the events of a subscription

Open the respective subscription and go to History section. 

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