How to apply a coupon while reactivating a cancelled subscription?

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How to apply a coupon while reactivating a canceled subscription?

Can I allow my customers to apply a coupon via the customer portal to reactivate their subscription?


It is possible to reactivate a canceled subscription with a discount from the Chargebee User Interface. However, if it is via the Self Serve Portal, the end customer would need to first reactivate their canceled subscription to be able to apply the coupon.



For a PC 1.0 Chargebee site

You can use the "Change Subscription" option to apply the coupon.

Changes made on a canceled subscription will automatically reactivate the subscription.

For the PC 2.0 Chargebee site, you can use the “Edit Subscription” option and add the coupon.

Use the “+Add Coupon” or “+Add Coupon Code” option to add the coupon.

Please note that the Billing Info section on both Product Catalogs would now have options to set the “Reactivate From” date and provide a “Trial End at” date (to offer your customers a trial service when reactivating a subscription).

You can make use of these options and choose whether you would like the invoice for the subscription to be created immediately after reactivation or be added as unbilled charges.

However, regardless of which Product Catalog version your Chargebee site is on, if the end customer is trying to accomplish the same via the Self Serve Portal, they would need to first reactivate the subscription and then apply the coupon.

Note - Please ensure that you have the below options enabled in your Self Serve Portal Settings for the customer to be allowed to add or remove coupons and reactivate a subscription under Settings > Configure Chargbeee > Checkout & Self Serve Portal > Portal Section.


Reactivating the subscription via reactivate_a_subscription API with coupon_id is not possible but the same can be achieved using the update_a_subscription API to re-activate the subscription. This API has the respective reactivate_from parameter, and also the coupon_ids parameter to pass the coupon_id value.

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