Types of addresses added for customers in Chargebee

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How is the shipping address mandatory for a customer?


Different types of addresses can be collected for customers in Chargebee.

- Billing address for the customer (used in the invoices)

- Card billing info (used only for the card-related information)

- Shipping address (applicable only for shippable products also used for tax calculation)


In Chargebee there are three types of addresses collected from customers : 



Billing address


The billing address is the one added to the invoices that are generated for customers. The billing address is added by the customer while signing up via hosted page. It can also be added from the Chargebee admin console (Chargebee UI) by you (the merchant) while creating or editing a customer.


Card billing info

Card Billing info collected for a card is only used to validate a card by the payment gateways. This address is not taken to populate the Billing address of the customer, since it is specific to the card added for a customer. Each card will have its own card billing info.

Shipping address

The shipping address is optional if the product is not shippable. However, if a plan is marked as shippable, a shipping address is mandatory. The shipping address can be the same as the billing address.

Chargebee will use the customer's shipping address to calculate tax. If the shipping address is unavailable, then the billing address (not the billing address added to a card) would be used for the same.

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