What are Zero decimal currencies?

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What are Zero decimal currencies?

The amount retrieved from API is different for Zero decimal currencies. 


If you are making use of a currency such as JPY (Japanese Yen), you would not be able to provide pricing information with decimal values. As per the ISO definition, JPY is a zero-decimal currency that does not have the concept of sub-denominations or decimal values, like USD or EUR. Such currencies are referred to as Zero decimal currencies. 


If you have a plan priced at USD 10 in Chargebee, then you will notice that when the amount in the event data (for subscriptions associated with this plan) would display the amount as 1000, to show that the amount is actually USD 10.00.

This means that to retrieve the actual plan amount, you would need to divide the amount value by 100 (to get the original price of USD 10). This is how Chargebee displays the amount parameter for 
standard currencies such as USD, EUR and GBP. 

Now, for Zero decimal currencies such as JPY, Chargebee does not multiply the amount value by 100. If a plan is priced at JPY 10, then the amount in the event data will not be multiplied by 100; as JPY does not have decimal values; i.e. there is no such thing as JPY 10.00 or JPY 10.01. Hence, the amount parameter will remain the same as the price configured in Chargebee, i.e. JPY 10. 

This has also been called out here- https://apidocs.chargebee.com/docs/api?prod_cat_ver=2#handling_currency_units

You can find the list of all supported currencies here- https://www.chargebee.com/docs/2.0/supported-currencies.html 

You will see that all the Zero decimal currencies are marked with an asterisk (*). 

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