Is there a way to send a bulk email to all customers encouraging them to sign up to use the portal?

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How do I bulk send custom marketing emails to my customers?


In Chargebee, email notifications are automatically sent for every event that occurs via Checkout/Chargebee UI/API & Self-Serve Portal as well as there are options to send certain manual emails (Example: request payment method, quotes, etc.). If you would like to run a Campaign and want to customize email for your customers, you can make use of Custom emails which can be sent manually. To create these emails, navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications > Custom Email > Add Notification > Customer Index Page.


Custom emails are available for the Customer Index page, Subscription Index page & Invoice Index page. Custom email can be customized and sent manually from the specific Index page configured respectively. For eg: If you have created a Custom email for the Customer Index page, it will be available only on the Customer Index page.  

Navigate from Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications > Custom Email > Add Notification > Customer Index Page

Note: Each Index page can have up to 2 custom emails

You can update the Name as per your business requirements

Once added, you will be redirected to customize the email content, you can also use the ‘EDIT’ option.

You can add content relevant to your business using ‘Add text’ from Smart Section. You can also Add Image and Add Section (Customer & Address Details only available) for Custom email.

For example, you can ‘Add button > Custom Button’ name it as ‘Self-Serve Portal’ and add the link as ‘’.

You can also customize email using  Mail Merge Usage, and Import HTML. Kindly refer to this link Add Notification for more details. Once configured, click ‘Publish’. 

To send the bulk emails, navigate to the Customer Index Page > More Options > Email Customers.

Note: You can pick specific audience using filter button or click on the checkbox on the left-hand corner available under Customer Information.

You will be redirected to the window below where it allows you to choose the custom email template. Select the particular email and click Proceed.

On this page, you can ‘Edit’ email if needed and click on ‘Send Email’.

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