How to find out list of coupon code‌s redeemed by the customer?

Modified on: Tue, 14 Jun, 2022 at 1:11 PM


Export coupons applied to a subscriptions report.


Currently, there is no direct mapping between the customer and coupon ID but you can find the coupon redemptions from SubscriptionCoupons.csv file (export the Export Subscription CSV) which provides the number of redemptions of coupons Id has taken place against subscription Id.


Navigate from Subscription Index Page > More Actions > Export Subscription CSV 

A zip folder will be downloaded with 6 files and SubscriptionCoupons.csv file will have the required details as shown below.

This will have Subscription Id, Coupon Id, Coupon Code Id, No. of redemptions & Apply till. If you prefer to match this with the other Subscription details, you can refer to Subscriptions.csv file by performing vlooup formula using Subscription ID. 

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