I want to remove some of the reason codes.

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How to remove the credit note reason code?

I want to remove some of the reason codes attached to credit note.

How to delete a custom reason code?

I get an error when trying to delete a custom reason code “The reason is associated with one/more transactions”. How to sort this out?


In order to delete a custom reason code on your Chargebee site, you would need to make sure that it is not associated with any entities like cancelled subscriptions(if it was used as a reason code while cancelling the subscription).

You can delete the custom reason codes any time by clicking the more icon next to them. You cannot delete the default reason codes, you can simply disable them and they will not appear in the list of reasons for selection.


Chargebee allows you to use the default reason codes as well as add custom reason codes. The default reason codes for a credit note are as mentioned in the below image.

To disable or delete a reason code follow the steps below


If the custom reason code has been used while cancelling a subscription, we need to ensure that either one of the following is done to avoid the error - This reason is associated with one/more transactions.  

  1. Ths cancelled subscription is deleted or

  2. Reactivated again

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Billing LogIQ > Reason Codes.

Step 2: Choose the custom reason code you prefer to delete and click on the (three ellipsis) button and click delete.  

 You can disable the all reason codes by using the toggle button. This will also remove it from listing it in the option. 

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