How to enable subscription changes email notifications?

Modified on: Tue, 31 Jan, 2023 at 3:34 PM


I need help automating emails based on subscription changes.


You can add/manage subscription change email notifications by navigating to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications > Subscription changes


To automate email notifications, ensure you enable the email notifications. 

You can also add additional emails from ‘Add Notifications’

Note: Some features are available only in selected plans. To know more, visit Chargebee's Plans and Pricing page

Add Section

This Invoice Detail is exclusively available for Subscription change emails while editing the email Notifications via the ‘Edit’ button and by clicking on the ‘Add Section’

Include this section to display the details of invoices. It is available on the Initial/Recurring charge is successful and the Subscription is changed emails.

For Subscription is changed emails, the current invoice is also attached to the email along with the created adjustment credit note and the new invoice for a changed subscription. Show More

Note: Chargebee will not send an email notification for each event individually

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