How to restrict 'Update payment method' button on trial emails only for some plans?

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Why Trial email notification is requesting payment for subscriptions with a 100 % coupon discount applied?

How to avoid sending requests for payment information in trial-end emails for subscriptions with 100% coupons?


Trial Management email notifications will have default email content configured respectively. However, If you want to avoid this for certain customers, we can manually customize any email content by removing the ‘Update payment method’ button and creating Segmentation for targeted audiences. 

Note: Multiple Reminders/Follow-ups & Segmentation feature is available only for Scale and Enterprise plans


To customize email notifications for specific audiences, you need to create a segmentation/list of customers to who you wish to send emails and customize the email accordingly. 

Email segments:

Navigate to Subscription page > Filter list > Coupons > Contains only > Coupon (100% discount ) > Apply Filter

Then click on ‘Save Filter’ and create a name to specify these customers’ lists and ensure ‘Make this filter accessible to all’ is enabled.

Once the Customer segment requirements are met, we can now customize the email as per our requirements.

Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargebee > Email Notifications > Trial Management > Add Notification (or) ‘EDIT’ existing email notification

If you use ‘Add Notification’ you will be prompted with a new window with two options.

  1.  ‘Choose the event to notify at / Add a reminder or follow-up’ and choose it as ‘Trial Expiry’

  2. ‘Send Notifications to’ the recently created segment for 100% discounted coupon.

Click ‘Add’ and then you can customize the email by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button.

Remove the ‘Update Payment Method’ by clicking on the ‘trash’ icon

You can also customize the email template using the ‘Smart Section’ option

You also have the option to choose the list of customers to whom this email has to be sent.

Once you have updated the required changes, click on ‘Publish’ and also ensure that email notifications are enabled. For Launch and Rise plans, we can use Mail Merge options to customize email content. For more information on Mail Merge Usage

You can use the Mail Merge option specific to Coupons to display the email content. 

For more information ‘Email Notifications

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