Is it possible to have a list of outstanding payments?

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How to export all unpaid invoices?

Is it possible to have a list of outstanding payments?


For auditing and reporting purposes Chargebee allows the users to download all types of Customers data such as Subscriptions, Payment details, Account details, Transactions. You can download the list of unpaid invoices in two different ways.

1. From the Invoices section:

Navigate to Invoices & Credit Notes > Invoices > Choose Filter as 'Unpaid Invoices'.

Then you will have 3 options under 'More Actions'

  • Email Customers

  • Export Invoices CSV

  • Export PDF Invoices

Export Invoices CSV

Helps you to generate a report of all unpaid invoice lists.

Export PDF Invoices

You can also generate reports in PDF format.

2. You can also generate unpaid invoice reports from Settings > Import & Export Data > Export Data > Invoices.

Then you need to choose the filter as 'Status' > 'includes' > 'Payment Due', 'Not Paid' and you will have an option to 'Export' data in CSV format.


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