Are Plaid fees required to use ACH payments with the Chargebee plugin?

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How to verify the bank information in Direct Debit payments?

Are Plaid fees required to use ACH payments with the Chargebee plugin?


Chargebee allows you to configure ACH direct debit payments using Stripe. 

Stripe supports two modes of verification:

  • Via Plaid, a third-party application that authenticates bank information.

    • Plaid is a paid service.
  • Via micro-deposits, wherein the customer communicates the precise amounts (which are usually in cents, hence the name) transferred to the bank account to prove that the person has access to their bank statements.


Using Plaid

Plaid is a third party application that allows for quick authentication of bank information, enabling instant verification of bank details and payment collection

Plaid is a paid service
Since Plaid is an instant verification payment method, customers will be charged immediately

Using Micro Deposits

When you use the Micro Deposit option, the customer will first have to provide the bank details using the customer portal. Verification using Micro deposit is a free service and the whole verification process will take about 2-3 business days.

Once the bank details are collected, it has to be verified. For verification, Stripe will deposit 2 small amounts into the customer's bank account. Your customers will have to validate the amount transferred.

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