How to retain credit on subscription cancellation?

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 How to retain the credit on subscription cancellation?


In Chargebee, the Subscription cancellation feature provides customized and smooth cancellation progress and management for unpaid charges and to withdraw any credits. There are some businesses that need to retain credits on subscription cancellation. This can be achieved by 'Don’t issue credits' option on Subscription Cancellation setting.


You can set site-level settings for 'Subscription Cancellation' from Settings > Configure Chargebee > Billing LogIQ > Subscription Cancellation. 

You can choose the settings regarding 'Credits' as provided below. 

When a subscription is canceled mid-term, how do you want to handle credits for the unused period?

Don't issue credits: The subscription is canceled without giving any credits for the unused period.

Issue prorated credits: The subscription is canceled and prorated credits are given for the unused period. (Not advised for shippable subscriptions as proration in Chargebee is time-based.)

Issue full credits: Issues full credits for the entire term.

However, if you have enabled 'Allow overriding via Chargebee interface' on site-level settings, then it can be overridden while performing this action every time. 

Note: You can use the 'Retain Credit' option only if the subscription cancellation is scheduled as Cancel immediately & Cancel on a specific date.



Add conditions to customize credit issue

Chargebee also allows you to override the default settings or add a condition. You can perform these actions by clicking the vertical ellipsis available next to each setting.

  • Allow overriding via Chargebee interface: By enabling the Allow overriding via Chargebee interface for a setting, you can allow your users to override the default option.

  • Add a condition to this rule: A different behavior can be set for subscription cancellations based on whether the cancellation is invoked via the web interface, API, by the customer through the Self-serve Portal, or due to scheduled cancellations.

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