How to modify product entitlements for a feature

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How to remove existing items from product entitlement?


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To modify product entitlements and their entitlement level for a feature, follow these steps:

  1. On the feature details page, click Edit to modify the product entitlements.

  2. Here are the type of modifications,
    a. Add new product catalog items and entitlement levels. Click the + icon, add the specific plans, addons, and charges. Click Add to include all plans, addons, and charges.
    b. Modify existing entitlement levels for product catalog items. Choose the Entitlement level you wish to offer on various product catalog items.
    c. Remove existing product catalog items. Click Remove, to exclude the specific plans, addons, and charges. Click Remove All to exclude all plans, addons, and charges.

  3. Click Add to save changes.

All the changes to the entitlement (Catalog item or Entitlement level) will be applicable for the new and existing subscriptions associated with the product catalog items

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