I am unable to access some feature in Entitlement.

Modified on: Mon, 28 Feb, 2022 at 9:00 PM


I am unable to edit features.

I am unable to override entitlement items

I don't have the option to override entitlements on subscription

I don't have the option to change or delete entitlement on subscription

I cannot create a feature - Entitlement.


Entitlements is currently in early access. Contact eap@chargebee.com to join the Early Adopter Program and enable this feature.

Based on your role in Chargebee, you can perform various operations on the entitlements. Since entitlements directly impact the end-user, there is a need to limit access to who can view and make changes to it.


Given below is a table that lists out the possible roles and their permissions.

 Roles Create Features Edit Features Change Item Entitlements Override Entitlements on SubscriptionsChange/Delete Entitlements on Subscriptions View Entitlements 
 Sales Agent                  
 Customer Support                
 Sales Manager                  
 Tech Support              
 Finance Executive              

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