Activating Features - entitlement management

Modified on: Mon, 28 Feb, 2022 at 7:46 PM


Entitlements is currently in early access. Contact to join the Early Adopter Program and enable this feature.

Once the feature is created, you can activate it by navigating to Entitlements > Select feature > Activate Feature.


A feature when created is by default present in the Draft state.

A feature in the Draft state represents a feature in your product that you're still developing or still deciding how to take to market. You can make changes to this feature and its entitlements without affecting your customer entitlements until you activate it.

Activating a feature brings all its entitlements into effect so that eligible customers' entitlement lists will now include this feature.

Ensure that you assign the feature to applicable product catalog items using the Managing Product Entitlements option before activating a feature. Learn more.

To activate a feature, click Entitlements > Select feature > Activate Feature.

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