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How to create a feature for entitlement?


Entitlements is currently in early access. Contact to join the Early Adopter Program and enable this feature.

Plans, addons, and charges can unlock features. Subscriptions unlock features by virtue of the included plans, add-ons, and charges. Subscriptions can also unlock additional features via overrides. To create a feature, click Entitlements > Features > Create feature.

Use bulk operations to import multiple Features together in Chargebee

Creating Features

To create a feature in the Chargebee user interface, follow these steps:

  1. Click Entitlements > Features > Create feature.
  2. Add a name and description to the feature using the respective fields. We recommend using the same name that you use to market the feature to your customers.
  3. A Feature ID slug for the feature name is auto-generated by default. You can enter a new feature ID only in the Create a New Feature page. Bear in mind that once set, the ID cannot be changed.

Feature ID once created cannot be changed and is directly used in the API calls with Chargebee. Hence, if you intend to have a different Feature ID, it is strongly recommended that you use a particular format that is consistent and scalable for all your features
Example: The company Acme is defining Features for their CRM product line, a good norm would be to use prefixes in the ID naming like acme-crm-feature-a.

The feature definition section is where you can define the feature entitlement type and entitlement levels.

  • For switch-type features, select Switch as the Entitlement Type.
  • For Quantity-type features, select Quantity as the Entitlement Type and create the entitlement levels.
  • For Range-type features, select Range as the Entitlement Type. Range allows you to create many entitlement levels within a range of values. Here you can only set a Default (Minimum) & Maximum value constraint. While assigning features to items, you have the flexibility to choose any value within the range provided.
  • For Custom-type features, select Custom as the Entitlement Type and create the entitlement levels.

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