What is entitlement in Chargebee? How to configure it in Chargebee?

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What is entitlement in Chargebee?

What is the setup to achieve entitlement in Chargebee?

When do I configure entitlement?

Entitlements is currently in early access. Contact eap@chargebee.com to join the Early Adopter Program and enable this feature.


Entitlements are for managing access control of your product’s features. This helps your business by ensuring your users access the features that they are entitled to. This helps you to understand the market needs and leverage revenue by cross-selling features. 


What is entitlement?

Entitlements are the set of privileges that govern to what extent or how much an application user can access or utilize its features. 

In Chargebee’s context, entitlements refer to the system of providing a suite of features, which different customers have access to based on the products they have subscribed to. To support your entitlement goals, Chargebee provides you an efficient UI to allocate and manage the customer privileges using Features. 

When should entitlement be configured?

Regardless of your business line, it is essential to configure entitlements if you want to:

  • Ensure that your users are accessing features that they’re entitled to

  • Understand which of your features are driving value for your customers and revenue for your business

  • Leverage additional revenue opportunities

  • Increase revenue from upgrades and renewals

  • Minimize churn by cross-selling or upgrading based on customer expectations

 Example 1: In a news website, the Basic plan can offer its customer access to ten articles and up to five videos per month, whilst a Premium plan may offer unrestricted access to articles and videos.

How to set up an entitlement workflow?

Follow the steps below to get entitlements up and running on your Chargebee site:

  1. Create Features

  2. Add Entitlements

  3. Activate Features



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