How to create a custom mandatory field?

Modified on: Mon, 29 Nov, 2021 at 6:01 PM


Can I add a custom field and make it mandatory in the checkout?


The customer and subscription-related data that is collected and stored in Chargebee is crucial to the business for various reasons. This data helps you in knowing your customers well, or in better communication, marketing automation, or even for some integration workflows as mandated by the third-party applications. We can make custom fields mandatory now.

'Create a ticket' helps you to reach out to backend support to enable this feature for you.


Once it is enabled from the backend, follow the below steps to set up. 

Navigate to settings >> Configure Chargebee >> Custom fields >> open the custom field created for vehicle registration >> click on the check box and set it as mandatory.

And save that to the test site. 
After that navigate to the customer and add a new customer there you can see the field as a mandatory option.

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