How to add a coupon for a specific plans? - PC 1.0

Modified on: Fri, 4 Nov, 2022 at 5:02 PM


How to add a coupon applied to the subscription, not to the addon?

I need to add coupons for USD and GBP currencies-monthly plans alone.

I need to add coupons to a specific plan.

If you are using PC 2.0, then please refer to this link. 


In Product Catalog 1.0, coupons can be created and attached to multiple plans.


1. If you are looking at editing an existing coupon then follow the below steps. 

- Go to coupons page -> open the specific coupon -> click on 'Edit Coupon' -> under the discount section fill as given below

    - Apply on -> 'Each specified item'

    - Plans -> choose 'Select'

    - Enter the relevant plans to be associated with this coupon. 

Similarly you can choose the addons list for which you need to apply this coupon and save.

You can create a combination of your choice and add the plans for the coupon. 

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